robert belgrod


Born: 1983 - New York

After serving close to a decade in the United States Navy, I have come back home to New York to follow my passion in art, focus on my artwork and help others through volunteering. 

I am attending Brooklyn College studying for my Bachelors in Fine Art with hopes to attend graduate school at the School of Visual Arts for Art Therapy.  In the latter years of my life I have found great fulfillment in helping others.  I am a Big Brother with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of New York City.  I also find the process of making my own art therapeutic, so I volunteer my time at the Art Therapy Outreach Center of New York. 

I have traveled to over 20 countries and hundreds of cities, with camera and sketchbook in hand, capturing everything and anything inspiring.  Seeing different structures and architectural works from different cultures has piqued my interests and broadened my horizons as inspiration to capture these fleeting moments in my artwork.